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For RESORT ’22, RĒNWA YASSĪN is committed to prioritize sustainability into her business. “But it was a challenging year to take another major step in an active role on sustainability.” RENWA pressed pause and didn’t show a collection for FALL ’21 with many questions being addressed:

What is my purpose?

What am I adding to my society and community?

RESORT ‘22 brings awareness towards the danger of plastic, its negative impact on the ocean with increasing climate change danger in pollution, overfishing and spices extinction. This collection harmonizes sensuality expressing a desire for movement towards change and freedom embodied in conscious and cruelty free pieces such as Raffia and recyclable plastic.

RESORT ’22 endorses the brand’s values: A minimalistic collection for timeless, simplicity, and longevity thoughtful clothing to keep for decades. Classics yet experimental, RĒNWA YASSĪN’s tailoring includes wide cut jackets paired with voluminous trousers. “The outfits you take from day to night”; the everyday pieces through neutral tones and fine details with the brand’s back-pin signature.

RĒNWA to soon announce an important environmental partnership to protect the ocean. Preserving heritage crafts and techniques have always been at the core value of the brand and now adding the ocean protection to RESORT ’22 mission makes you understand RENWA’S commitment to what the brand stands for.

“Culture diversity and inclusivity, sustainability and equality throughout the different communities we are proud to support.”

ROOTS collection is an expression of gratitude for our African land.

Lafalaise Dion, Ivorian of origin, RENWA YASSIN Ivorian of adoption, we draw our roots, our inspirations and our forces in this beautiful continent which saw us being born and grow up.

Roots is a celebration of African textiles. An appreciation to raffia, organic cotton and the lightness of linen.

Roots is the embrace to our cultural heritage through the use of cowrie shells.

RACINES is the respect of nature.

Roots is the alliance between these great friends that are Lebanon and Ivory Coast.

Roots is the meeting between the remarkable work of two young women, modern, creative, aware of the strength of collaboration, who join forces to share their know-how through unique, distinct and strong fashion creations.

ROOTS is an ode to Africa